Research & Projects

OCLS facilitates, coordinates, and supports sector-wide, library-focused research and projects as identified by CLO. There are two areas where OCLS focuses its support:

  • OCLS facilitates and supports the gathering of CLO’s annual performance data in consultation with the CLO Quality Assurance committee and helps make the data available in a centrally licensed instance of Microsoft Business Intelligence.

  • Working with CLO-established research committees, OCLS helps define the scope and deliverables associated with the research projects, assists in the development of requests for proposal, develops and manages resultant contracts, and assists CLO with the implementation of findings, as applicable. OCLS may also support CLO with implementation of large-scale, multi-college projects, especially if the projects emerge from research.

Current & Past Research Projects

  • ACCESS Project: OCLS supported the ACCESS Project that examined the possibilities for a shared, next generation library services platform. This project led to the Page 1+ (formerly CLSP) Implementation Project and the Page 1+ Consortium service.

  • AODA Research: OCLS supported the AODA research project that resulted in the creation of LEAP and ACE services.

  • Quality Assurance (formerly Metrics & Assessment): OCLS supports the collection and compilation of library data for the annual library survey on behalf of CLO.

  • Video Streaming Studies: OCLS supported the research study that explored the opportunities, challenges, costs, technologies and best practices for streaming of educational and feature film video content to support college curricula.

Contact Information

If your college is interested in research projects, contact us at